Color Mixing Experiment Set

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$ 42.00 


This color mixing set is a perfect creative toy for children.  You get everything you need to create your own science lab and learn about mixing colors.  The lab kit includes:

  1. Color Mixing Lenses- Place up to 3 interchangeable, primary-color lenses into the frame to create secondary colors.  You can use one lens, or mix and match to create different colors!
  2. Color Tablets -  These bath tablets can be dropped into water to change the color.   They are perfect for color mixing activities and they are safe, non-staining and fragrance-free,  tablets that fizz color into the water.  Contains has 24 tablets in red, yellow and blue, so kids can learn about color mixing by creating secondary colors (You can mix the color tablets to get green, purple, and orange water)  We also like mixing other fun colors like teal and magenta by mixing three colors!
  3. Jumbo Dropper - Large dropper for younger learners.  Little ones can use their whole hand with this one.
  4. Small Dropper - Perfect little dropper to drop your colored liquid.
  5. Test Tubes - Chunky, durable test tubes put serious science safely within reach for young students. Supports inquiry-based investigation and hands-on observation. Plastic tubes feature calibration marks (25, 50, 75 and 100 ml). Includes 6 test tubes, different colored lids, sturdy rack and Activity Guide. Tubes measure 6”H x 1 1/2" in diameter.
  6. Color Mixing Flask - Divided flask allows for two chambers of colored liquid, and a swirly straw provides an exit route for the new, mixed color. It only mixes the colors once you turn it upside down to pour both mixtures (through the wiggly spout). Flask measures approximately 5"H x 4½" in diameter.
  7. Sectioned Tray - The ice cube tray is a perfect mixing station.  Create some colored water, and use the droppers to mix the colors in each of the wells.

Activity Ideas:

  • Fill a few bowls with water and color tablets (or food coloring) and kids have a blast mixing and transferring the water and experimenting with colors.
  • Color vinegar and use the droppers to drop it onto baking soda
  • Drop colored water on cotton balls.  Mix colors!


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