Chinese Jump Rope - Classic Outside Active Toy - Tweens and Teens

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 1.50 


I remember playing jump rope on the playground black top at recess when I was in upper elementary school and middle school.  I still remember the fun with "in - out - side - side - in - out".  The packaging includes instructions, or you can make your own sequences!  The jump rope is a large 4 foot (when stretched) stretchy elastic rope, kind of like a rubber band, that stretches and enables the players to do tricks.

How to Play - You need at least a group of the people (or 2 chairs and a jumper).  Two kids stand and wrap the Chinese jump rope around their ankles making a large rectangle.  Jumpers take turns jumping inside and outside of the rectangle, doing tricks such as landing on the ropes or grabbing the rope and hopping over the other side.  Once the sequence is complete, the rope gets raised and the jumper must continue until they mess up.  The goal is to stay in as long as possible and raising the rope after each turn.  Once a jumper is out, a new jumper takes a turn.

Great active gross motor fun toy that keeps kids active.

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