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This Montessori learning activity has 24 manipulatives and 3 sorting cards to match and sort.

What is Included:
- 24 miniature animals/fish/insects/reptiles. (approx 1") (12 matching pairs)
- 3 laminated cards professionally printed on 100# cardstock and laminated with 5 mil lamination. The cards are classroom tough. Cards are 4.25"x 2". Cards represent land, water and air.

1. Matching Skill - Visual Discrimination: This activity begins as a simple matching game. There are 12 different animal pairs in the set (24 total). Beginners simply match the animals to their mate. Very young learners can start with 2 or 3 pairs and work their way up to all 12 as their skills increase. The objects are not an exact copy of each other (different colors) so children need to carefully observe details to match correctly rather than relying on color. Children problem solve by looking at distinctive attributes that they can see on both such as tall or short or number of legs. They might ask themselves "what other animal has wings?" or "both of these animals have 4 feet, but this one has a larger nose!" Recognizing these little details helps a child grow their category knowledge and learn new vocabulary!

2. SORTING BY LAND WATER AND AIR - There are three cards in the set that display land, water and air. Children sort and classify the animals by whether they live on land, water or air. There is a great opportunity to problem solve and learn about classifying because some animals could be land/water or air/water or all! (where would you put a duck.....and why!)

- Jungle and Farm Animals
- Ocean animals and Insects
- Dinosaurs and Vehicles
****** I have a separate listing with 48 miniature animals (24 matching pairs) and more sorting cards here!  

- This activity is small enough to take with you and can be extended into pretend play or sensory bins with the mini figurines.
- You can have the children sort and categorize the figurines by like traits on their own. (color, short/tall, number of feet ect.)

What they are learning while having fun
- Matching objects to pictures encourages one-to-one correspondence (basic math skill) and visual discrimination.
- Observing and comparing small details to match correctly. Comparing involves identifying similarities and differences among objects
- Children can group the figures by similar traits - this is sorting and classifying!


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These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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