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Curious Minds

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This busy bag is a great fine motor and visual discrimination activity.

How to play:
You draw a card and simply re-create the pattern using the snap blocks! You can also just connect them to make any pattern or sculpture you want.

You pick either 2D design patterns (straight line) or 3D patterns (or a block set with both card sets).

What is Included:
- 12 blocks
- 10 double-sided laminated card professionally printed on cardstock. So there are 20 different patterns. BUT each card can be flipped all 4 ways for a total of 80 different patterns!

You have the option to upgrade to a zipper binder pouch. Pouch fits into a 3-ring binder to keep all your activities organized and together. Make your own busy book! All documents and supplies fit inside the zippered pouch.  Please note: Binder pouch colors vary if you choose the upgraded binder pouch option. You might get pink, blue,orange or any other color.  If you have a specific request of colors you don't like you can add that to the buyers notes and I will try and accommodate.

Busy bags are little self-contained educational activities that are easy to pack or pull out in an emergency. You can pop them in your diaper bag and pull them out when going out to eat, when there is a delay, or when you need a few uninterrupted minutes. Just pull out the activity and let your kids have fun.

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These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

This bag is an original copyright creation of Curious Minds Busy Bags LLC. You are more than welcome to recreate for personal use, or blog about this product, but you must give original credit and link back to Curious Minds Busy Bags LLC. YOU MAY NOT RECREATE OR MODIFY THIS ORIGINAL IDEA FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

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