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These word family dice are a perfect way to teach phonics. Word families are groups of words that have a common feature or pattern of letters.  for example, the word family "at" can be used with the words bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, and sat.  If you know what sound "at" makes then you can read all those words!

Another more complex example is "ile"  if you know the sound of "ile" you can read the words bile, file, mile, Nile, pile, tile, and vile!  Many of the nursery rhymes contain common word families. You can use these rhymes to teach these letter combinations.


The dice are color coded and contain beginning and ending sounds and when rolled together can make a word!  For example, if you rolled a yellow block (a digraph or blends sound) with a red block with different word family ending you create words!  ((Yellow - "'fl" with red - "ash" = the word "flash")

GREEN DICE - Beginning Sounds - Consonents 

  • (t, l, d, y, r, p)
  • (u,(n), v, j, c, g, w)
  • (s, f, h, b, q, k, m)

YELLOW DICE - Beginning Sounds - Blends & Diagraphs  (combinations of two or three consonants)

  • (fl, wr, str, pr, bl, sl)
  • (sw, spr, sn, gr, th, cl)
  • (wh, sm, ch, st, ch, shr)
  • (pl, sp, sk, dr, br, thr)
  • (fr, cr, spl, tw, sc, kn)

RED DICE - Ending Sounds

  • (up, ab, ag, en, ick, im)
  • (ash, uck, in, ot, ing, ank)
  • (est, ump, ock, ip, ap, ink)
  • (ug, do (op), ill, an, ell, at)

    BLUE DICE - Ending Sounds - 

    • (age, ice, ow, ew, ile, eed)
    • (ice, ay, eel, ake, ine, ore)
    • (oat, ate, ight, are, eat, ale)
    • ain, ail, oke, ide, eep, ain)

    How to Play:

    • Roll a beginning sound dice with an ending sound dice until you make a word.
    • Pick a beginning sound and try all ending sound options.  How many words could you make with that letter?
    • Make as many words as you can with all the dice.
    • Roll the dice and make words (real and made up funny words)


    • 17 large foam dice. 
    • Each die is 1.5"
    • Color-coded

       Perfect activity to reinforce concepts.  This makes a great supplement to the curriculum by being a learning center activity or a fun and educational challenge for individuals or groups.

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