Bilateral Coordination Therapy Activity Bundle - Hand Strength Set

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 32.00 


This activity bundle is a collection of toys that help develop and build on bilateral coordination.  Each activity utilizes using both hands at the same time.  This kit is great for children or adults alike to need to strengthen these skills.  Perfect addition to an occupational therapy toolkit!


  1. Bumpy Sensory Ball - Toss the ball back and forth from hand to hand.  You can also throw this lightweight ball against the wall and catch it using both hands!
  2. Gear Building Set - This set includes 65 bright plastic discs that can be pushed together to build awesome structures.  Utilizes both hands to connect and tear apart again.
  3. Silly Putty - An old classic that is fun to pull apart and squish.
  4. Alphabet Beads - Tiny beads that can be strung into a necklace. Beading is a great way to use the hands together.
  5. Stretchy Caterpillar - Stretch this long caterpillar.  It gets really long!
  6. Flexible Silicone Connectors - 50 flexible blocks that connect on the bottom.  These are tricky to use because you need to twist the blocks to connect them.
  7. Stretchy String - Another fun thing to pull and stretch making your hands work together.

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