SALE - Balloon Animal Pom and Bead Push and Drop - Fine Motor Busy Bag for toddlers

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 

This bag focuses on fine motor skills and simple toddler fun. Kids push the .5" pom poms into the cute balloon animal dog container. There are two different sized openings on the container to account for different skill levels. (lid open or little hole in lid)

The real fun starts when you drop TINY beads into the clear plastic straw. The beads make a charming rhythm as they bounce down the tube and drop into the cup. This step really requires hand eye coordination and fine motor skills to pick up and place the beads in the small opening. FUN!

This busy bag is perfect for toddlers. Two year olds and three year olds love this activity but please note there are small parts.

What they are learning WHILE having fun:
- Hand/Eye coordination - Being able to line up and drop the beads and poms in the tiny holes.
- Fine motor - Practicing using fine motor pincer grasp in order to manipulate the beads and poms. Builds hand muscles and dexterity which are essential for a proper pencil grasp.
-Spatial reasoning - Kids need to be able to reach out and drop the beads in the correct spot to get them to fall in the straw.
- Concentration. This activity has three levels of play. Poms in open cup, poms in hole in lid, and beads in the straw. This gives a great opportunity to sit and focus on a task before it is completed.
-Problem Solving – Sometimes the beads get stuck and build up in the straw. Kids need to figure out that if you shake it they drop!

Busy bags are little self-contained educational activities that are easy to pack or pull out in an emergency. You can pop them in your diaper bag and pull them out when going out to eat, when there is a delay, or when you need a few uninterrupted minutes. Just pull out the activity and let your kids have fun.

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