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This fun and challenging matching game gives children multiple ways to learn and play. Children can match uppercase and lowercase letters as they put the acorns together, plus play hide-and-seek by finding a surprise inside each acorn. The object they find begins with the letter sound on the acorn. Colors correspond to letters, and little learners can even practice making words, learning their ABCs, beginning sounds, and more! Acorns measure 2'L x 2 1/2 'H.

Educational Benefits
  • Learning Style:Visual, Tactile
  • Skill Development: Letter recognition, Alphabetical order, Upper and lowercase letters, Beginning sounds,Vocabulary building, Word Building, Sorting, Fine motor skills, Eye-hand coordination, Motor planning

Suggested Activities:

Free Exploration

Let children familiarize themselves with the pieces through open play. Giving children time to explore freely— opening, closing, and stacking the acorns, playing with the figures, and so on—allows them to discover all on their own.

ABC Lineup

Encourage the child to line up the acorns in alphabetical order. If more than one child is working, have them take turns building several letters at a time. Don’t forget to sing the ABC song for guidance! Another variation: time how fast they can build the alphabet over several attempts.

Beginning Letters

Pick an acorn, identify the letter, and say the name of the object inside, emphasizing the letter sound: “A is for aaaaple.” Continue, having the child do the same thing with other Alphabet Acorns.

Alphabet Cleanup

Let the child open all the acorns and take the objects out. It’s time to play alphabet cleanup! Can the child put each object back into the correct acorn, matching by letter and color? Try it!

Find the Vowels

Pick up an acorn and show the child that the letter color matches the top. Next, say the vowels aloud (a, e, i,
o, u) while the child points to each matching-vowel acorn. Ask, “What color are all the vowels we just found?” Encourage the child to notice that all vowels are red. Once he or she absorbs this fact, activities such as building c-v-c words (car, dog) will come much easier!

Stack & Match

Show the child how to stack the acorns to build a simple c-v-c word (cat). Then, read the word slowly, pausing on each acorn to underline the letter with a finger. Remind the child about the red-vowel acorns. Next, let the child try it, with your help. This is also a great partner or small-group activity, as children help each other sound out and spell the words correctly—so many words can be made! Also, see if children can spell their names.

  • 26 Two-piece acorns, 26 Color-coded counters
A = apple
B = boat
C = car
D = dinosaur
E = elephant
F = frog
G = grasshopper
H = hippo
I = ice cream
J = jar
K = koala
L = leaf
M = mitten
N = nest
O = octopus
P = pig
Q = queen
R = robot
S = star
T = train
U = umbrella
V = van
W = whale
X = xylophone
Y = yo-yo
Z = zebra

** Age3+
** Grade PreK+

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