Wood Nuts and Bolts Toy with Pattern Cards - Montessori Wood Toy

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This busy bag is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who love to match patterns. Kids use the large wood nuts and bolts to recreate one of the 16 included patterns. Not only do children build their fine motor skills, they also have to do a little problem solving to correctly match the patterns. Kids need to start with the bottom nut first then build up, all while twisting and turning and building hand strength! This learning toy engages both hands and is a great fidget therapy toy for autistic children.

How to Play:
Draw a card and recreate the pattern using the wooden nuts and bolts toy.

What is included:
1. 4 large wooden bolts (3" long) and 4 wooden bolts (Both the nuts and the bolt heads are 1 and 5/16th inch)
2. 8 double-sided pattern cards (16 patterns total). Cards measure 4.1"x 1.8" and are professionally printed on 100# card stock and laminated with 5mil lamination. These cards are thick and classroom tough, no other cards can compare!

What they are learning WHILE having fun:
- Color recognition – Kids need to recognize the differences in the colors in order to follow the pattern cards
- Spatial relationships - Kids need to start with the bottom bolt and work their way up to the top.
- Develops hand strength, coordination, and dexterity needed for handwriting later in school.
- Hand/Eye coordination - Being able to line up the nuts on the bolts
- Fine motor - Practicing using fine motor pincer grasp in order to manipulate the nuts. Builds hand muscles and dexterity and utilizes both hands which are essential for a proper pencil grasp.
- Concentration. This activity utilizes several patterns so it offers a great opportunity to sit and focus on a task before it is completed.
-Problem Solving – Children need to work from the bottom up in order.


Curious Minds Busy Bags is dedicated to developing original kid-friendly learning activities for children to explore while building essential skills needed for school success. Parents, early childhood teachers and occupational therapists trust my learning activities in their home, school or home school classrooms. They are classroom-quality educational toys that promote independent play that builds essential skills. My activities are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and beneficial for individual who have special needs that need to be developed such as those with autism, sensory processing or dementia. My learning games and sensory toys have been enjoyed by children in daycares, Montessori schools, and early intervention classrooms!

This busy bag is an original activity created by me. Bloggers, you are welcome to write about or recreate my activities for personal use, but please link back to me. Thanks!

These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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************ More information about busy bags ***************

-- My personal favorite way to use busy bags is to have a quick “in case of an emergency” distraction for mischievous toddlers. Any time my twin boys are getting a little reckless and needing a change of pace I pull out an activity for an immediate distraction from the behavior. Playing and learning with an activity is a lot more fun for both parents and children than being frustrated and disciplined. Let them focus on play instead of bad behavior and you can sit down and relax and watch their little minds at work!
-- Parents, do you need a little time to make a phone call without a toddler hanging on you? Do you need to cook dinner…..or feed the new baby? My learning activities keep children actively engaged in a healthy activity while you cook or do other tasks. My boys love to “play something at the table” while we cook. We get out their trays and an activity and they are happy!
-- Do you have a longer than expected wait while waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office? Busy bags are portable and make a great quiet activity for when your toddlers are having a difficult time sitting still and being quiet. Parents often find these games perfect for quiet activities at church or out and about.
-- Do you need a quiet activity to engage your older child while your baby naps? Or perhaps you need a quiet activity for quiet time when your preschooler gives up naps? Parents also use busy bags to give to younger children while the parent is giving a lesson to the older home schooled child. -- Teachers use these activities in learning centers or for children who finish their work early and need a quiet activity.
-- Did your child’s early intervention teacher or occupational therapist recommend you work on certain skills with your child? My learning games are perfect therapy toys.
-- Are you unexpectedly stuck inside due to a snow day or rainy weather?
-- Are you traveling or vacationing? Many busy bags are perfect for on the go fun and travel to keep kids entertained in the car or airplane.

Busy bags make great birthday presents for your child or their friends. They are perfect for big brother or sister gifts or for those who are having a new baby with a toddler in the house.

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