Travel Toy Bundle for Girls #2 - Magnetic or Portable Activities for Children for Car and Airplane Travel

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 27.00 

This convenient toy bundle is a complete package of travel toys for children. Toys in this set are ideal for car or airplane travel since they are engaging, magnetic and portable with little to no small parts to drop and loose!  This set with a boy theme contains 6 different activities neatly packaged in a large zippered plastic bag for containment on the go.


Activities include:

1. Sticker Book - Kids love stickers, and this book is packed full of reusable cling style stickers that can be placed and re positioned on the 5 background scenes.  Stickers are a great activity to build fine motor skills.  Kids need to use the neat pincer grasp to pull up those tiny little stickers and use both hands (bilateral coordination, one hand holds the page while the other peels) - Boys theme is transportation with 5 scenes and over 500 stickers.  Girl theme is dress up with 5 scenes with over 165 stickers

2.  Stamp Marker Pad - This activity pad includes 20 pages with activities that use the 4 included stamp markers.  Each activity has multiple blanks that match the stamps.  Kids use the markers to stamp and complete the picture, maze or pattern activity.  Again, this activity gives practice holding a writing instrument, without the boredom of writing letters.  The stamp activity also works on spatial and line awareness which is also an important pre-writing skill.  Proper handwriting includes spacing the letters just far enough apart and using the lines on the paper to keep the letters contained.  The stamp pad activity uses the drawn guides to allow children to stamp within the limits.  The paper pad is 8.5"x11"

3. Magnetic Faces - BOYS SET - An original Wooly Willy. Use the magnetic wand to move the iron powder into position to draw whiskers, sideburns, a mustache or different hairstyles on Wooly Willy. Wooly Willy, the original favorite, is ranked one of the great toy concepts of all time. Dozens of designs are possible. The 7" x 8 3/4" self-contained package makes it easy to practice your artistic talents anywhere. GIRLS SET -  An original Hair Do Harriet. Use the magnetic wand to move the iron powder into position to draw different hairstyles and designs on Hair-Do-HarrietTM

4. Car Bingo - Play bingo in the car with this self-contained bingo board.  Slide the red window over items that you spot and try to get a bingo!

5. Wikki stix. A travel size small pack of Wikki Stix with a paper activity pack. You could also use these to draw and practice letters on a cookie sheet or dry erase board (not included) No glue! No mess! Sticks with just fingertip pressure. Endlessly reusable.

6. Click Stick Fidget -  This little fidget is difficult to put down.  It is simply a chain that bends and twists in your hands.  They are a lot of fun to manipulate.  My boys made a heart and an adorable snail while playing.  They are fun for the car, office or classroom.  It can be kept together to make a circle, or you can unsnap it to make a straight line.  You can also break it in 2 (for example if you wanted to make letters with them) or you can connect multiple ones together!  Size:  10.75" long when made into a straight line.  If you have it as a rectangle, the length is 4.75"  Color will vary.

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