Set of 3 Stretchy Bugs - Caterpillars and Centipedes Toy

This set includes 3 stretchy soft puffer toys.  These bugs make great fidget toys for students and adults.

  • Caterpillar - This tactile stretchy caterpillar toy is 9" long, and can stretch up to 33 inches.  Fun fidget!  9" x 1.25" wide with legs.
  • Centipede - Jumbo 11.5" long (unstretched) stretchy centipede sensory toy.  Body with legs is 3.75" wide.  This centipede has soft rubber spikes and a super-squeezable texture. You can stretch him far!  
  • Eyeball Centipede - This jumbo puffer toy is adorable.  The silicone centipede is 10.5" long unstretched.  You can stretch it or just fiddle with it in your fingers.  The puffer toy has several long hairs to add to the sensory experience.

Please note:  Although this is a stretchy toy, overstretching will cause the item to break.  If you pull to hard on the hairs they will break off also.  The fun soft wiggle material makes it fun to play with and stretch, but it also makes it a weaker material than a hard plastic.

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