Unicorn Poop Slime Pack of 2 - Slime Sucker Poop - / Putty / Slime / Ooze

This bundle includes 2 unicorn poop-themed slimes.

Slime Sucker - This unicorn is a hollow squirter toy that sucks up and poops out slime.  Simply squeeze the unicorn and then release to suck up a pile of pink ooze, and then squeeze again to make the unicorn "poop" it back out. This is a fun gag toy that will give lots of laughs, and the best part is it strengthens hand muscles for fine motor work!

  • Unicorn ooze slime sucker measures approx. 2" x 2"
  • The container holds 0.71 oz of pink slime
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Poop Container

  • Rainbow slime - Great slime texture that stretches
  • The container is 3" x 3" and in the shape of a poop emoji
  • Includes one poop slime


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