Slime Sampler Bundle #1 - Try out 6 different slimes and putties

This slime and putty sample lets you try out 6 different oozy, stretchable and mold-able slimes.  Each putty offers something different for your kids who like messy sensory play.

  1. Slime Ball -  The metallic colored putty is wet to the touch.  It's a mix between slime and putty. It stays together and isn't very runny. Container: 1 5/8” ball
  2. Mood Mudd This slime is quite interesting because the color changes slowly as you play with it.  Depending on the jar or batch, the slime can turn bright pink or more of an opaque lavender color with the heat of your hands.  The slime itself is made in the USA and has a pleasant almost floral smell.  It does not leave a residue on your hands and is very stretchy.  If you pull it apart and out it will create a slime "window" in front of your face.  My boys like blowing on the thin slime to see if they can blow a hole in it.  Please note that the level of color change will depend on your location and temperatures.  If you live in a very warm climate the slime will already be at its warm color, so your hands will not give it much more heat.  You would need to place it in the fridge then play with it to see some change.  If you live in a cooler climate there will be more room to change the temperature with the warmth of your hands.  4oz container.
  3. Boing PuttyThis putty is very unique because it is so soft and lightweight.  It is almost like an airy foam material and it really bouncy!  It is really fun to bounce, mold and squish, and it is not sticky, slimy or messy like other putties and slimes (and leaves no residue!)  This putty simply breaks into two pieces if you pull it apart rather than stretch. This putty is a perfect compound to mold different objects like play-doh.  The pieces really stick together.  Unlike play-doh, if you are sculpting something like a snowman, you would really just need to barely touch two balls together and they would hold without them falling off.  I made the pictured cat and the tiny whiskers stuck perfectly!

    Video Demonstration:  See it in action here  Size:  Container Measurements: Height: 2 1/4 inches Diameter: 2 3/4 inches Container Weight including Putty: 1.2 ounces. For ages 5 and up.

  4. Noise PuttyThis putty is so much fun.  When you try to stuff it in the jar it makes funny farting noises which encourages little fingers to do it again and again!  Seriously, it is addicting and therapeutic, you can't stop stuffing it back!  Using putty and slime is a great way to build fine motor muscles through play!  Again this is not messy and it also makes the fun noise.  It pulls apart slowly with quite a bit of resistance before it breaks so it is a tougher putty for more muscle workout.


  5. PlayfoamPlayfoam is a fun non toxic tactile modeling compound that sticks to itself and not to surfaces or fabrics.  Your kids (and you) will not be able to put it down because of its lightweight gooey consistency that doesn't feel icky on your hands.  It is fun to squish and create with and does not require a messy cleanup on your hands or surfaces.  It is perfect for travel and the best part is it never dries out!  You might want to get yourself one too!  Playfoam is not like playdoh. It doesn't stick to the floor, hands, walls, or tables. I did have it stick to  teddy bear fur, but I was able to pick it out but it would not get stuck on car seat or chair fabrics!
  6. Silly Putty - Just as we remember it.   It bounces, it picks up and copies comics, it stretches!

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