Fishbowl with Magic Sand and Fake Fish - Hydrophobic Play Sand - Build Underwater - Doesn't Get Wet - Stays Dry - Novelty Trick - Science Desktop Toy

This unique toy is a ton of fun because the sand is magic.  The colored sand defies logic by not getting wet and creates towers in water.  It is so fun to trick everyone with this fun toy.  Just dump the dry sand into water and it will pile up, or reach in and pull out dry sand!  

This toy is a fun fishbowl container that is 4.5" x 5", and 2 fake fish that are 2.25" long.

The magic comes when regular sand is colored, the coated with a water repelling hydrophobic wax polymer to keep it from getting wet!

When you are done playing, dump off the water and let the sand dry to reuse (so the wax doesn't eventually break down by being submerged for extended periods of time.)

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