CLEARANCE - SALE - Orb Splatzeez Animal Splat Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.50 $ 7.00


Grip, mold, throw, peel back and start again! Orb Odditeez Splatzeez are the shape-able, SPLAATable characters that stick to walls, tables and more. These bold, bug-eyed collectibles are impossible to put down, with endless ways to transform, toss and stick them. Available in 12 styles including a Pug, Unicorn, Spider and more.

These wacky, bug-eyed collectible toys are fun to flatten and fling, grip, mold, throw, peel back and start again! Kids will be entertained for hours by playing with their different characters that also stick to the walls. Shape them in whatever way you want!


  • Available in assorted styles
  • 5.98" x 1.26" x 7.99" (15.18cm x 3.20cm x 20.29cm) package size
  • 1 character (style will vary)
  • For ages 4 and up


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