Puffer Ball Toy Variety Pack of 8 - Assortment Bundle - Sensory Tactile Toys Air Filled

This toy bundle includes a variety of 8 sensory-rich puffer toys bundled for adults or children who have sensory processing disorders or who need sensory integration therapy.  These sensory tools can be played with and explored to work on tactile input receptors.  This sensory-rich bundle includes various textures and accommodates most of our senses making it a perfect assortment for children and adults and those with special needs or for the therapists and parents who work with them.
This set contains:
  1. Lightning Ball - These are 6" wide with hairs, and the main core of the ball is 3.5" without the hairs - They are a lot of fun to throw and catch.  Random color.
  2. Worm - This worm is 6" long x 3" wide.  Random color.
  3. Frog - Size:  3.75" tall and 3.5" wide.  1 random color.
  4. Puffer Yo Yo - This adorable puffer ball with large eyes is fun to throw, squeeze and catch.  Guy is 3" wide!  1 random color.
  5. Puffer Ball - This puffer ball has soft rubber spikes and a super-squeezable texture. When you squeeze these puffer balls, an air bubble emerges from the interior. For ages 5+. 1 random color.
  6. Tiny Puffer Animal - Tiny 2" hairy animal puffer ball is filled with air and can be squeezed to make the face bulge out.  Perfect fidget or sensory toy.  Random color/style.
  7. Small Puffer Animal -  3.5" and a lot of fun to throw and catch.  Random Selection of 1 of the following: Pig, lion, rabbit or monkey.
  8. Atom Ball - This irresistible fidget ball is made from soft wiggly rubber.  The ball has several floppy "arms" that flop and wiggle with ease.  Please note that the arms will not withstand strong tugging and pulling, they would snap off!  The ball is best used to throw or feel in your hands, very soothing. 4" diameter.

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