NEW - Capybara Animal Figurines Dressed Up - Cute Little Animal Figures for Decoration / Gifts or Party Favors

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 12.00 


These capybara animal figurines are so cute.  They are small little vinyl figurines that are simply cute decorations or collectables.  The animals are 2.25"-2" tall, and come in 10 different costume styles.   Includes: super hero, mermaid, cowboy, capy with pumpkin, hoodie, cool guy, skateboarder, taco, drinking bubble tea, and hula girl.

The cute figurines would work great for teachers as math counters, or color sorting activities.  They are adorable and small enough to put in birthday party favor goody bags, make perfect rewards or prizes.  These are also perfect for pretend play.

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