LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - SALE -Light Up Puffer Caterpillar Fidget Sensory Toy - 3 Section Flashing Tactile Toy Bug

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$ 2.25 $ 4.00

Puffer caterpillar toy.  This is an air-filled soft and squishy puffer toy that is shaped as an adorable caterpillar.  This bug has 3 body segments that are various colors, and the caterpillar is 4.25" long and 2" wide.  Puffer toys are light weight sensory toys that can be squeezed, tossed, and gently stretched.  The little soft hairs make it a fun and tactile toy.  This caterpillar lights up!  Inside the toy is a ball that houses little LED lights and non-replaceable batteries.  Toss or handle the toy to make it light up and flash colored lights!  Fun to play with in the dark.  Colors vary and are random.

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