Pre-Handwriting Activity Bundle - Strengthen Hand Muscles While Playing

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Before a child is able to write they must master a few basic skills first.  Things like hand strength, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and bilateral coordination must first be developed before children have the coordination and strength to hold (and use) a pencil to master writing.

Pre-writing activities leads to writing readiness by building the underlying skills that are needed for writing.  The key to good handwriting is practice, practice, practice and building those muscles before they begin writing.  This bundle contains several activities that will build these skills without sitting down to practice lettering.  They won't know they are working on their handwriting!


  1. Color by Dots Jumbo Coloring Book - This coloring book is perfect for beginners because it is a large page (14"x11") that is filled with clear pictures with large sections.  The pictures gradually get more difficult with the beginning pages having only a few empty areas to color (a lot is already colored in to help with attention span and fatigue) and near the end having more complex pictures with a lot of white spaces to color in.  You can get lots of practice with this thick book with 40 pages!  This activity builds hand and finger strength, bilateral coordination (holding page while coloring which is needed when writing), practice holding a writing instrument, hand-eye coordination (trying to stay within the lines, the hand has to work with the eyes to help coordinate this)
  2. Reusable Sticker Scenes - Kids love stickers, and this book is packed full of reusable cling style stickers that can be placed and re positioned on the 5 background scenes.  Stickers are a great activity to build fine motor skills.  Kids need to use the neat pincer grasp to pull up those tiny little stickers and use both hands (bilateral coordination, one hand holds the page while the other peels)
  3. Stamp Marker Pad - This activity pad includes 20 pages with activities that use the 4 included stamp markers.  Each activity has multiple blanks that match the stamps.  Kids use the markers to stamp and complete the picture, maze or pattern activity.  Again, this activity gives practice holding a writing instrument, without the boredom of writing letters.  The stamp activity also works on spatial and line awareness which is also an important pre-writing skill.  Proper handwriting includes spacing the letters just far enough apart and using the lines on the paper to keep the letters contained.  The stamp pad activity uses the drawn guides to allow children to stamp within the limits.  The paper pad is 8.5"x11"
  4. Water Wow Alphabet Reusable Activity Book - This alphabet book is a perfect way to learn letter formation without practice drills.  This book uses the power of water to practice writing.  The special pages come alive with just water!  No mess and they are reusable.  Then let the page dry to erase the pictures and fill it in again and again.   Reusable pages are white when dry; filled with colors when wet and pen is refillable. This alphabet-themed book includes every letter of the alphabet (uppercase and lowercase) to trace, alongside pictures of familiar objects to illustrate each sound. There are empty lines for practice, too!
  5. Silly Putty - Just like you remember.  The stretchy putty is irresistible and pulling, squishing, pinching and stretching it builds hand muscles that are needed for proper handwriting.
  6. Stretchy String - a super long coiled string that can be stretched out forever (almost)  Great for hand strength and bilateral coordination.
  7. Bubble Squeezer - This bubble toy is so much fun.  Each set comes with a 4oz bubble solution bottle and a 3" squeezable critter.  Simply dip the bubble wand "nose" into solution and then squeeze!  These little guys work great and every dip gives about 3-4 squeezes full of bubbles!

    These bubbles are a wonderful way to sneak in fine motor hand exercises for occupational therapy while playing.  Squeezing builds fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in the hand and fingers. Refined fine motor skills are important because those little muscles are vital to complete tasks quickly with precision movement.


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