SALE - Montessori Alphabet Objects Mini Lots - Object and Word Cards for Diagraph, Blends, Special Vowels, CVC Words, Short and Long Vowels, A_E

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These Montessori mini language alphabet object lots are part of several I have available. (I have larger packs listed separately with a lot more items covering most/all of these sounds in one comprehensive kit). These mini kits are ideal if you are working on a specific sound or aspect of the English language in the classroom or at home.

Each set comes with a variety of miniature objects that represent specific sounds. You also get classroom quality cards printed on durable 100# card stock and laminated with 5 mil lamination.

You can also use the objects for pre-readers (examples include pulling a few random objects for pre-readers and asking if they can find x, or play I-see with the objects (I see something that starts with the letter a, or red, or an animal))
Objects are tiny, for example, the horse is about 2.5" long and many objects are .25". Cards are 2.5" x 1.8".

1. CVC words - You get 28 miniature objects and 29 word cards (1 object can be used for 2 CVC words (can and pop
2. Silent E pattern words - 14 Objects: Cage, Cake, Dice, Dime, Dove, Globe, Lime, Plate, Rope, Rose, Snake, Stone, Vase.
3. Long vowel words - 49 Objects and Cards
4. Short vowel words - 44 Objects representing 46 Word Cards
5. R controlled words - 24 Objects and Cards (UR=17, AR=5, OR=7)
6. Double letters - 22 Objects and Cards
7. Diagraphs - 29 Objects representing 30 Word Cards (CH=4, SH=4, ZH=1, TH=5, WH=2, NG=2, CK=5, PH=2, KN=2, KW=1, GH=1, GN = 1)
8. Dipthongs - 23 Objects representing 24 Word Cards(OI/OY=2) (OU/OW=7) (IA=1) (AU/AW=4) (EA=9) (IE=1)
9. Blends - 25 Objects and Cards (BL=1, BR=1, CL=2, CR=2, DR=2, FL=3, FR=1, GL=2, SL=1, SM=1, SN=2, STR=1, ST=3, SW=1, TR=2)R=1, CL=2, BR=2)

These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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