Montessori Alphabet Object Set in Storage Case - Beginning Letter Sounds - Alphabet miniatures to use with movable alphabet

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This Montessori language alphabet object lot is one of several I have available. This listing is for a large collection (201 words) of alphabet miniatures (159 Objects) in a storage case. Each letter has at least 2 objects for its beginning sound. It can be used at home for those who home school or in a classroom. This activity includes multiple miniature objects and a master key of words. You also get an activity guide with a few examples of how you can use the objects for pre-readers to advanced (examples include pulling a few random objects for pre-readers and asking if they can find x, or play I-spy with the objects (I spy something that starts with the letter a, or red, or an animal))

Objects in this set are TINY because they need to fit in the small space of the organizer. Objects are a mix of beads, charms and miniature objects including tiny Safari LTD animals.

What is included:
-159 total objects that can be used for 201 words. (some objects have multiple words such as baby can also be infant)
- 1 divided plastic case with snap close lid. Case Dimensions: 13.7"W x 8.6"D x 1.375"H. This case has 32 sections so you can use the extra sections for blends or other special sounds.
- 1 sticker pack (note: stickers are not placed on the case. You are given stickers to add yourself giving you the choice of adding them on the outside like pictured, on the inside lid or in the compartments.
- 1 set of plastic alphabet letters that can be used to sort by beginning letter or use as a movable alphabet to spell out CVC words.
- Word list

-BEGINNING SOUNDS (A=10 words, B=22 words, C=21 words, D=8 words, E=5 words, F=11 words, G=7 words, H=8 words, I=4 words, J=6 words, K=5 words, L=7 words, M=7 words, N=5 words, O=6 words, P=14 words, Q=3, R=6 words, S=15 words, T=9 words, U=4 words, V=4 words, W=5 words, X=2 words, Y=4 words, Z=3 words)

  • Airplane, Alien, Alligator, Ambulance, Anchor, Ant, Ape, Apple, Automobile, Ax
  • Baby, Ball, Banana, Bat, Bead, Bear, Bee, Beetle, Bell, Bird, Block, Blueberries, Boat, Bolt, Book, Bottle, Bow, Bowl, Bread, Bud, Bug, Button
  • Can, Car, Card, Cat, Cent, Cheese, Chick, Chicken, Circle, Clam, Clip, Clothespin, Crocodile, Coin, Compass, Cork, Corn, Cow, Cross, Crown
  • Diamond, Dice, Dime, Dish, Dog, Dolphin, Dove, Duck
  • Earth, Egg, Elephant, Elk, Eye
  • Fire Truck, Fish, Flag, Flip Flop, Flower, Fly, Football, Food, Fox, Frog, Fruit
  • Gem, Ghost, Gift, Giraffe, Globe, Gold, Gorilla
  • Hand, Hat, Heart, Helicopter, Hen, Hippopotamus, Hog, Horse
  • Ice, Ice Cream, Infant, Insect
  • Jack-o-Lantern, Jaguar, Jar, Jax, Jellyfish, Jewel
  • Kangaroo, Key, Kid, Kitten, Knot
  • Ladybug, Leaf, Lid, Light, Lime, Link, Lion
  • Magnet, Marble, Melon, Metal, Money, Moose, Moustache
  • Needle, Newspaper, Nickle, Noodle, Nut
  • Octopus, Okapi, Orange, Ornament, Oval, Owl
  • Panda, Peg, Penguin, Penny, Peanut, Pig, Pin, Plane, Polar Bear, Pot, Pop, Present, Pumpkin
  • Quarter, Queen, Question Mark
  • Rhinoceros, Ribbon, Ring, Rock, Rose, Rope (Knot)
  • Safety Pin, Shapes, Shark, Shell, Ship, Snow, Soda, Sow, Spool, Spider, Stamp, Star, Stone, Strawberry, String
  • Tag, Taxi, Thumb, Tiger, Tooth, Train, Turtle
  • Ultrasound, Umbrella, Unicorn, United States
  • Vampire Bat, Vase, Vehicle, Violin
  • Washer, Watermelon, Whale, Wood, Worm
  • X Ray , X Ray Fish
  • Yacht, Yarn, Yellow, Yo Yo
  • Zig Zag, Zip, Zipper
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