Stocking Stuffer Bundle - Neutral Set #2 - Christmas Gift Set

This 7 piece stocking stuffer toy assortment is the perfect set for young kids at Christmas.  This gift bundle is great for both boys and girls and includes small toys that will fit in stockings.  I have several different holiday toy bundles, some for girls and some for boys.  I also have a game bundle and a wood toy bundle.

This set includes:

  1. Ogobits Building Set - Includes a random set to create a cute character. (random)
  2. Bubble Wand1-oz. tubes with wand. 7" (colors vary)
  3. Snowman Putty - Includes two 1 1/2" plastic container with lid.  Comes with white Styrofoam ball putty with eyes and a carrot nose!
  4. Bath Tablets - 24 tablets to add to bath water to change the color.  Learn about color mixing!  These are so much fun.
  5. Wooden Tangram SetCompact-sized (approx 3" x 3.5" case) for a pocket or bag, take along this puzzle on road trips and other adventures. Store the puzzle in its convenient matching box. Arrange the seven colorful puzzle pieces in a multitude of combinations. Challenge yourself and your friends with the included puzzle ideas for hours of fun. This puzzle is suitable for ages 5 and up.
  6. Disc shooter - pop the disc into the handle and give it a squeeze to make it go flying. (colors vary)
  7. Wooden Top - This colorful top is perfectly sized for tiny hands. Pinch the stem between your thumb and first two fingers to begin. (colors vary)


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