Stocking Stuffer Bundle - Neutral Set #1 - Christmas Gift Set

This 6 piece stocking stuffer toy assortment is the perfect set for young kids at Christmas.  This gift bundle is great for both boys and girls and includes small toys that will fit in stockings.  I have several different holiday toy bundles, some for girls and some for boys.  I also have a game bundle and a wood toy bundle.

This set includes:

  1. Water Wow Travel Paint With Water Activity Book - 10" x 6" spiral bound book with 4 animal themed pages.  Themes include farm, sea, pet store, and jungle.  These Melissa and Doug Paint with water activities are perfect for travel.  Use them in the car or airplane, or simply pack with you for outings.  The special pages come alive with just water!  No mess and they are reusable.  Then let the page dry to erase the pictures and fill it in again and again. Reusable pages are white when dry; filled with colors when wet and pen is refillable.
  2. Bubble Wand - 1-oz. tubes with wand. 7"
  3. Snowman Putty - Includes two 1 1/2" plastic container with lid.  Comes with white Styrofoam ball putty with eyes and a carrot nose!
  4. Gear Building Set - This set includes 65 bright plastic discs that can be pushed together to build awesome structures.  Utilizes both hands to connect and tear apart again.  Each disc is approximately 1.25" in diameter.
  5. 2 large nuts and bolts pairs. Spin the nuts onto the bolts. The bolts have different shapes and width so only the matching nut will go on. You get 2 bolts and 2 nuts, colors will vary.
  6. Disc shooter - pop the disc into the handle and give it a squeeze to make it go flying.


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