Stocking Stuffer Bundle - Girl Set #1 - Christmas Gift Set

This 7 piece stocking stuffer toy assortment is the perfect set for young kids at Christmas.  This gift bundle is great for girls and includes small toys that will fit in stockings.  I have several different holiday toy bundles, some for neutral and some for boys.  I also have a game bundle and a wood toy bundle.

This set includes:

  1. Squeeze Bubble Blower - This bubble toy is so much fun.  Each set comes with a 4oz bubble solution bottle and a 3" squeezable critter (either a butterfly or ladybug).  Simply dip the bubble wand "nose" into solution and then squeeze!  These little guys work great and every dip gives about 3-4 squeezes full of bubbles!

    These bubbles are a wonderful way to sneak in fine motor hand exercises for occupational therapy while playing.  Squeezing builds fine motor skills by strengthening the muscles in the hand and fingers. Refined fine motor skills are important because those little muscles are vital to complete tasks quickly with precision movement.

  2. Piggy Bank - This simple busy bag is perfect for young toddlers. This activity fulfills their need to put objects in and dump them out again. Children will delight in dropping the poms into the open mouth of the pig to feed it (removing the silicone snout) or dropping the chips into the slots in the lid. The snout lid is hard to remove since it is a bank so I recommend having it off when placing the chips in the slot, then you can easily dump and repeat.
    You get one plastic piggy bank, 8 bright soft colored chips (1") and 5 3/4" pom poms.
  3. Mini Moving Sand - This mini jar of moving sand is perfect tactile toy making it a perfect assortment for children and adults and those with special needs or for the therapists and parents who work with them. This jar is small enough to make it a perfect fidget.  A container of magic packable play sand that sticks together and moves in your hand.  It packs well like wet sand and is irresistible to the touch.  This sand set comes with either pink sand.  6 tiny sand castle molds.  Everything is stored in a 3" x 3 "x 3" plastic container with a screw on lid.

  4. Snowman Putty - Includes two 1 1/2" plastic container with lid.  Comes with white Styrofoam ball putty with eyes and a carrot nose!
  5. Disc shooter - pop the disc into the handle and give it a squeeze to make it go flying.
  6. Glitter Bracelet - Simply a 6" water filled glitter bracelet.  This is a fun fidget that you can wear.
  7. Pokey Pen - Simply a pen surrounded by soft "pokey" strings of plastic.  It has a nice texture and easy to take with you.  Although it is pokey, the spikes themselves are soft and flexible so they do not hurt!


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