Stocking Stuffer Bundle - Boy Set #2 - Christmas Gift Set

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 24.00 


This 6 piece stocking stuffer toy assortment is the perfect set for young kids at Christmas.  This gift bundle is great for boys and includes small toys that will fit in stockings.  I have several different holiday toy bundles, some for neutral and some for girls.  I also have a game bundle and a wood toy bundle.

This set includes:

  1. Frog Jacks - A fun twist on the classic game of jacks.  Includes 8 bright frogs and a bouncy ball.
  2. Bubble Wand1-oz. tubes with wand. 7"
  3. Nuts and Bolts - 2 large nuts and bolts pairs. Spin the nuts onto the bolts. The bolts have different shapes and width so only the matching nut will go on. You get 2 bolts and 2 nuts, colors will vary.

  4. Snowman Putty - Includes two 1 1/2" plastic container with lid.  Comes with white Styrofoam ball putty with eyes and a carrot nose!
  5. Build a Plane - Build a plane by putting it to together then take it apart. This puzzle is made of approximately 21 plastic pieces and no tools are needed. Instructions included! 
  6. TongZo ""Battle Chipz" - 3 chips made of spring steel and covered in silicon, when you "invert" each "chip" they will lock into position; when dropped onto any solid surface, they will immediately "release" and pop into the air. As well, if you place one or more TongZo "BattleChipz" on a sold surface and drop another on top of it, they will both release at the some time and pop into the air.


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