CLEARANCE - SALE - Water Beads Fuse Art - Fused together with water

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This children's craft is tons of fun and easy to use.  It is basically like the beads that fuse together using a hot iron, but these are little balls that stick together when they get wet.  The end result is a hard and sturdy creature to play with.

This is a great way to practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination because you have to place the little balls on the grid.  You can use your fingers or the included tweezers.  Kids need to look at the picture and count the number of balls across or down to create the animal.

To set, simply fill the included spray bottle with water and spray the creation.  The beads will fuse together and harden!


  • 1 blue baseboard to build on
  • instruction sheet with a pattern
  • tweezers
  • water spray bottle
  • assorted colored beads.  **please note that the colors might be off slightly.  One of my penguins was missing both pink balls, and the other only had one.  Both our fish ones were perfect.  We had plenty to finish the pattern, but the quality control on exact amounts seem to be slightly off. 

    These come in 4 styles, penguin, octopus, fish and dolphin.  Unfortunately, they are not marked boxes (all the boxes have a penguin) so I am unaware of which animal you will be getting.  

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