CLEARANCE - SALE - Sensory Bundle #3- Fidget Set for Students, Adults and Children

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 10.00 $ 22.00


This toy bundle includes a variety of sensory rich toys bundled for adults or children who have sensory processing disorders or who need sensory integration therapy.  These sensory tools can be played with and explored to work on tactile input receptors.  This sensory rich bundle includes various textures and accommodates most of our senses making it a perfect assortment for children and adults and those with special needs or for the therapists and parents who work with them.

This set contains:

  1. Small Puff Animal - Tiny 2.75" hairy animal puffer ball is filled with air and can be squeezed to make the face bulge out.  Perfect fidget or sensory toy. 1 Random color.

  2. Clanking Octopus - This super stretchy octopus is part ball, part yo-yo and part instrument.  Kids can squeeze and stretch the octopus or simply listen to the rhythmic noise it makes while throwing, twisting or bouncing up and down.  Little movements cause the colorful plastic balls on each tentacle to rattle and clank together.  Soft vinyl octopus is 3.5" wide with a 3" cord.  (Includes 1 random color)

  3. Scented Mini Slime - Includes 1 scented putty that comes in an assortment of different colors and scents – (1 picked at random).  Tiny container makes it a perfect putty to use discretely as a fidget at the office or school.  Putty is stretchable, soft and moldable.  Not wet or sticky.  Fun to pull apart, shape or roll.  Container: Mini Suitcase style plastic container measures 1.75" x 1.25" it is thin, 1/4" thick. Includes 1 random color.

  4. Frog Stress Ball - This adorable but sad frog is a classic dense foam stress ball.  Whether you are using it to relieve stress or build hand strength, it will be a hit!  Measures: 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"

  5. Tiny Spring - Tiny little metal spring toy.  Small enough to be a discrete fidget toy at the office or school.  Keep fingers and hands busy!  1.25" long x 1" wide.  1 spring.

  6. Soft Hairy Pencil Grip - This is a very soft and comfy pencil grip.  It is a sensory grip with silicone puff hairs that make it a cushy grip.  Approx. 1 1/2" in size.  1 random color.




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