Mad MattR Building Set with Tools - Sand/Doh - Stretchy Soft Moving Sand-Like putty/dough/slime

This putty is very unique because it is so soft and moldable.  It is almost like the moving magic sand, and it is really fun to mold, stretch, and squish. It is not sticky, slimy or messy like other putties and slimes (and leaves no residue!).  Very stretchy and it doesn't dry out!  Roll it easily into letters and numbers, mold it, use cookie cutters or sand molds.  

hape it! Build it! Stretch it! Do all this and more with the Mad Mattr Super Pack, the ultimate builder’s pack. The pack includes 14 oz. of Mad Mattr (7 oz. each of Blue and Green), 2 Ultimate Brick Makers, 6 Extruders, and a safe cutting tool. All of this comes in a re-sealable pouch.


  • Includes 14 oz. of Mad Mattr (7 oz. Blue, 7 oz. Green)

  • Includes 19 Tools!

  • Press it, mold it, squish it, sculpt it, build it!

  • Molds and shapes easily!

  • Super duper soft!

  • Reusable! Never dries out!

  • Wheat, Gluten and Casein-Free

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