Attribute Links - Sorting and Math Manipulative - Color / Size / Shape Sort

Links are a great educational manipulative toy that aids in learning counting, patterning, and sorting and explore how these concepts link to estimation, graphing, and measurement!  Kids learn hands on how to sort by color, size and shape, or by creating long patterns.  Kids can measure items such as toys, and guess how many links long they are.

Links are also simply fun for creative play by creating necklaces, snakes or trains that they can pull around.

  • Set includes 40 links in 5 shapes and 4 colors
  • 6"x4" storage bag
  • Links measure:
    • Square - 2" large, 1" small
    • Rectangle - 2.75" x 1.5"  large, 1.5" x .75" small
    • Circle - 2" large, 1" small
    • Hexagon - 2" large, 1" small
    • Triangle - 2" large, 1" small
  • Links are easy for young children and students with special needs to connect and separate.

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