z discontinued - Children's Wood Spool Knitter (French knitter) Wooden Knitting Doll

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Who else remembers these tiny little hand knitters from when they were a child?  I would spend hours looping and hopping the yarn over the pegs to create a knit tube which could be sewn and turned into countless projects.

This is a good activity for aiding in hand/eye coordination and kids enjoy making things out of the tubes.  Knitting doll is small and can be taken on car trips and keep the kids interested and busy.


  • Wooden knitter doll (4½" high)
  • Child-safe wooden needle (4")
  • Four samples of yarn
  • Instructions (Note these are not the best instructions.  It is best to Google instructions like this helpful tutorial when you are ready.  http://thecraftyexpat.com/2012/09/28/how-to-knit-with-a-french-knitting-bee/

    **I always preferred to use my fingers or a small head crochet hook when I was a child.  The hook made the yarn easier to manipulate rather than the wooden needle that is included.  Hook not included but recommended.

    Age - 6 years+





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